Meow-taverse Cats!
Our meow-taverse cats are randomly generated NFT cats that show their personality to you over time! Explore below what other attributes our cats have!
Explore here:
Texture(neighborhood cat)
Texture(rare cat)
Texture(legendary cat)
Clothes(in different colours!)
Accessories(in different colours!)
How The Evolution Works
Our meow-taverse cats evolve over time with you!
On adoption day,
you will receive a plain meow-taverse cat as your first NFT.
*First stage - Check your wallet after purchasing the NFT. All cats will have the same look (except for their texture)
After 3 days,
your meow-taverse cat will warm up to you! Its face will change!
*Second stage - The NFT will automatically change inside your wallet after 3 days of waiting.
After 12 days,
your cat will feel right at home and will show everything!
*Third stage - Your NFT will automatically change inside your wallet, so wait for 12 days and you’ll see your cat evolve!
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