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Support real-life animal shelters with
adopting (and learning) through NFT Cats!
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What is
Wildpaws NFT?

Wildpaws is an initiative by Wildcats.io to help cat lovers help shelters help cats help communities.

Cat shelters all over the world have worked tirelessly worked to save stray cats off the roads. Through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), we have come up with a new way of helping our chosen shelter partners. From creating digital twins of our real-life shelter cats, to creating evolving meow-taverse cats, every purchase of NFTs will benefit their efforts to save cats.

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Financial Support for Shelters
We will give 70% of profit to the shelters for each digital twin cat sold.
*5% royalities back to shelters for subsequent sales
Both our NFT cat collections
contribute to shelters!
100% of our profits will go to helping stray cats improve their living conditions
Digital Twin
Buy one of our NFT twin cats
and help the other real-life
twin cat in the shelter!
Each twin at 405 usd
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Evolving NFT cats that contribute
supporting cat shelters! You’ll never
know how they look till they evolve!
Starting from 85 usd
Find out how it evolves >
Digital Twin Cats
We have created digital versions of 50 real-life cats from shelters into NFTs to adopt them virtually. By buying these twins cats NFT, part of the profilt would be contributing to support them and their shelters.
Find out how it works >
Meow-taverse Cats
The Cutest Unique Randomized Evolving cats. The CURE to our partner shelter’s problems. Say no more. Buy some more.
Check out how they evolve! >
✨ How to buy an NFT ✨
Step 1:
Setup your digital wallet to store your NFT
Prepare a home for your cat through an NFT wallet! Need help in creating a wallet? We have a step-by-step guide for you!
Step 2:
Connect your wallet here on our website!
See that button on the top right or below? Click and connect your wallet automatically!
Step 3:
Buy NFTs here on our website!
Choose between a Digital Twin Cat or a Meow-taverse Cat to purchase!
Step 4:
See your NFT living in your wallet!
Your NFT will now live in your wallet and will give you lots of benefits! 😼
What benefits can you get
from these Cat NFTs?
Digital Twin Cats
Dedicated connection
Connect virtually with the "Real Twin" in shelter through our website! *coming soon
Personal cat tag
A tag to be added to the real cats with "Digitally adopted by" with your choice of name
Shelter’s VIP
Gain access to shelter's membership program, including newsletters, discounts off merchandise
Exclusive access
Connect with shelter owners and gain exclusive access to behind-the-scene happenings at the shelters
Meow-taverse Cats
Spawn new cats through mating
Mating NFT cats to make new (and rarer) fur babies!
*coming soon
Tamagotchi mechanics
Feed, evolve and accessorise the cat for more unique traits
*coming soon
Stickers, plushies, and other merch await owners!
*coming soon
Brand deals
Bringing pet accessories, food, and other product brands in as NFTs for your Meow-taverse cats to grow with
*coming soon
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something in paw-ticular?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wildpaws NFT 🐾 is a collection of uniquely designed 3D cat images by the Wildcats team. These Meow-taverse cats and 'Digital Twin' cats are available for purchase via our website, and will be stored securely in your personal digital wallet!

We are launching our first collection of 5,555 Meow-taverse Cats and 50 in our Digital Twin collection 🐱

The Collection is separated into 4 Tiers:

  • Neighbourhood Cats - 85 USD (all inclusive)
  • Rare Cats - 205 USD
  • Legendary Cats - 305 USD
  • Digital Twin Cats (NFTs of real cats in animal shelters) - 405 USD

There's no limit to the number of cats that you can take home! You can adopt up to 10 digital cats per checkout.

Felines with Benefits surely come with benefits (duh), here are some benefits of adopting an NFT cat:

  • Watching your cat grow into the majestic being that they are ✨ From medical treatment to improved living conditions in cat shelters, it's like you adopt a cat IRL !
  • Becoming a part of the Wildpaws Community - a vibrant community of Cat Lovers and Supporters across Southeast Asia. Here, you can meet like-minded friends (or even... a lover?)
  • Discounts on top of discounts on top of discounts 💰 including discounted rates for vet services from ZumVet, purchase of cat treats and wellness products from CateForCat, and discounted cat products from Pawtner. More to come as we bring on other cat products and services partners!
  • Did we mention that our cats evolve over time? Some evolution happens automatically over time, and others require certain activities. Nonetheless, your NFT will grow in unexpected ways 🤫

  • We loveee animals and we think that they deserve the very best. With this project, we hope to build a sustainable business model for animal shelters by raising funds from digital native cat lovers and supporters
  • We want to introduce NFT to the public as a new way of ownership of digital goods through adorable 3D cats
  • We wish to pioneer and accelerate the adoption of new technologies by providing an innovative solution for both potential paw-rents and animal shelters.

We are aiming to raise up to $200,000USD via profit sharing. As more of the collection gets purchased, a larger percentage of profits will be allocated to the shelter partners.

Shelters are each assigned to a percentage of the total amount based on their needs. The bulk of the percantage of the allocated fund will be channeled towards vaccination and other medical treatments, and the remainder will be channeled as cash to shelters for them to hire more staff to manage the shelters, and to maintain the upkeep of their facilities.

"The story of your Digital Twin cat does not just stop when the Physical Twin gets adopted physically. The shelter partners will hand over the social media accounts of each Physical Twin cat over to the adopter, and the relationship could continue between you and the Digital Twin. Now the cat can have TWO loving paw-rents. You could also keep your Digital Twin as an 'immortal' cat, or the adopter might even wish to purchase the Digital Twin from you! "

Can't wait? Neither can we. Our adoption drive starts on 14 July!

YES OF COURSE, all paws are welcome in the Wildpaws universe. Dogs, bears, maybe even pandas ?

Definitely! You can list your NFT to sell it to other users for any price that you determine, or even auction your NFT away. You will continue to benefit the shelter partners when your NFT is traded, where 5% of the trade price will be contributed back to the shelters.

Apart from generating money from the shelters, we are balancing the price to allow all who are willing supporters to have access to our community and benefits without compromising the impact of our fundraising goal. The funds are used as seed funding for our brand (Wildpaws) to grow and supplement the release of our subsequent projects.

Most likely your wallet’s settings need to change. Follow the steps below:

Open your MetaMask app and go to Settings > Security and Privacy
Scroll down to toggle ‘Enable OpenSea API’ and ‘AutoDetect NFTs’
Go back to the Homepage and you’ll be able to see your NFT in the NFT tab!

Go to opensea.io on your internet browser.
On the top right corner, click on the icon and select MetaMask. Your wallet will automatically connect.
After connecting your wallet, click on the icon. This will lead to your wallet and you will find all your collected NFTs here!